Kendall Jenner: Not a Baby Birkin But Could there be a Baby in the BIrkin?


Khloe Kardashian’s baby shower was last weekend and sis Kendall Jenner was caught (photographically speaking) leaving the event with her enormous Hermes HAC vintage Birkin.

Kendall’s had this bag for awhile – she featured it in her 360 degree closet tour for Back in August 2017, the HAC BIrkin accompanied Kendall to the airport and we’re guessing it’s made a number of other trips.

The big question is… what was in that ginormous Birkin as she left the shower? Did she take home the entire cake? A full layette for the soon-to-be-born newborn? Or is it possible Auntie Kendall took one of her nieces or nephews? Anyone looking for Saint West? Just kidding.

Photo courtesy Splash News via Vogue Daily