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The Prada Inside Bag has been one of the most debated about bags all season. Over the past year, Prada’s profit margins have fallen significantly and general appeal for the brand has dropped as well. Praying for a miracle, Prada introduced the “inside tote bag” to re-ignite the brand’s image. Prada has so much hope for the inside bag, they claim it could be the world’s next “it-bag”. However, after skeptical and negative reactions on social media, the inside bag could turn out to be a flop.

Now, the inside bag is available for purchase and slowly asserting its presence in the bag world. With lots of new information and eye candy, it’s only fair that we give the inside bag another just evaluation. Today we have the story of Kristi’s (@solidarityfemme) experience with and review of the Prada Bag. See what she has to say below!

Kristi started off wary, but fought hard to see the vision…

“As an avid fashion follower, I am always looking for something new and inspiring to catch my attention. I had read a few articles about the inside bag, and to be honest, It was not love at first sight. The only thing that made me slightly reconsider was my strong faith in Prada’s innovation, which is particularly highlighted by designer Miuccia Prada’s unforgettable quote: ‘I want to make clothes that are beautiful of course, but also clothes that are interesting and intelligent and not out of place.’ ”

Love and loyalty finally won over…

“I have a love for Prada that goes back a long time, and I was hoping this new design could win my heart over eventually too. I decided to go into the Prada store and check it all out. When I went into the store, the assistant got the bag and I tried to remain open-minded. In the store, I looked over the bag with a critical eye and tested out every aspect. I walked around and even compared it with some of the ready-to-wear items. After seeing the bag and the ready-to-wear together, I finally understood the vision Prada was trying to achieve and truly fell in love. The inside bag is a very utilitarian and feminine bag that without question I could see myself using. I HAD to keep the bag. I even wanted to keep the ready-to-wear items too, but temptation, temptation..”

The Takeaway?: More Practical than you think…

“The internal twin leather bag is very soft and the external Ostrich is quite durable as well. You can even get it a little wet, which I am sure I will not, but its durability is reassuring and makes me feel a little more confident using it daily. It is still “small” enough to be in the trend of small bags but I can fit a lot in this Inside bag. On a regular basis, I carry a good size wallet, sunglasses, keys and some make up. It is a great every day bag and definitely a keeper. Overall, the inside bag is playful, fun but also a classic, original Prada bag.”

After her review and advice, are you sold on the Prada Inside bag yet? Comment below or share your pictures and story if you own one!

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is there storage space in the area between the outside bag and the inside bag (if you know what I mean)?

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