Put your own spin on the designer clothes


Being a designer myself (for equestrian wear) I often find myself wishing a pice of clothing was a little different!

I have a picture in my mind how it would look, and when I would use it

That’s when a good tailor comes in!

I was inspired by @emiratistyleandclass to buy a Givenchy skirt! I took the XS size and was expecting it to be tight on my bum, giving it a sporty but still feminine look!

When the skirt arrived it was just too loose, to casual and to “Tom boy” on my body! But I had a idea, a split in front and a fitting in the back would make it perfect! I had seen so many other girls wearing the skirt perfect and I did not want to give up on it! It was going to look good on me to!

Our trailer made it just how I imagined! And a new idea was born! I would buy a new Gucci t-shit and a sweater and make it one shoulder, for a sweet, Feminine casual look!

We all know and bless him Gucci designer A M, needless to say, IM A HUGE FAN! Have many of his dresses, but most of his t-shirts and sweatshirts are over sizes, and to tell you the truth with my idea of one shoulder one of my boobs would probably fall out.. so I bought children size 8 years old! Check out pictures for transformation!

What do you think?

Took it to Geneva for a test drive and some Dior shopping, the Dior staff was crazy about it, and I was stopped on the street asking by people passing “JUST CAME FROM
– so safe to say it’s a Swiss hit????

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