Rare Birkins On Display


It’s not everyday you walk into a store and see a few exotic Birkins before you… but it’s also only recently that you could even buy an exotic B in a few clicks online. The secondary market has entirely changed the way we engage with luxury goods from our favorite brands, and TheRealReal has been no small player in that. So it comes as no surprise that their store displays would also be game-changing.

I recently set foot in TheRealReal’s Melrose Avenue store in LA, and upon a right turn my breath was taken away. Behind a glass case was a rare Touch Birkin, with other beautiful Hermès bags lined up behind it like candy.

The bags behind the Birkin were arranged mostly by color: on the left were warm neutrals, pinks, and reds; in the middle were blues and greens; on the right was a wide array of colors. Exotic Kellys stood next to black Constances and limited-edition Kellygraphies were next to two-toned shiny exotic Birkins. It was quite the display and would make any Hermès lover at least a little covetous!

At PurseBop, we’ve gotten used to seeing Birkins, Kellys and Constances lined up like this at auction houses before a big auction. But it was truly remarkable to just walk into a normal (though gorgeous) store on a busy shopping street and find the Hermès display (which was right next to a Chanel display!). Anybody with the money could buy the bags in an instant and walk out of the store with them—the whole thing really exemplified how much the world of luxury fashion is changing.

What do you think of TheRealReal’s display? Do you approve of this turn in luxury fashion, and would you buy a Birkin in this kind of setting? Let’s discuss!

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