Roll Into Fall On Bottega Veneta’s New Roller Skates!


Walking is so last season. Bottega Veneta’s Daniel Lee wants fashion fanatics to roll into the new fall season on his new roller skates.

Part of Bottega Veneta’s Fall/Winter 2021 collection, these new skates are constructed from luxurious lambskin leather and thick rubber soles. Four wheels and a toe stopper in a matching color to the shoe are attached to the sole through a metal plate.

It would seem the house is keen for fans to embrace child-like fun once more. And in an industry which takes itself as seriously as fashion does, we’re certainly excited to see how fans react to these Bottega Veneta skates.

In Bottega Veneta’s archetypal style, the outside of the roller skates are free of branding. Discreet Bottega Veneta branding only appears on the leather insoles. The roller skates will feature in signature house tones, such as a rich shade of parakeet green which we’re seeing everywhere this season.

The design is based on a pair of high-top sneakers also from the new Fall/Winter 2021 collection.

While high fashion is no stranger to quirky sporting products (who could forget the Louis Vuitton skateboard, Chanel tennis racket or Dior surfboard?!), this marks one of the few times a luxury fashion brand has opted to release roller skates. Will other brands follow suit? Can we expect to see the fashion crowd skating between shows throughout the remainder of fashion month?

The new kicks with wheels will set wannabe skaters back $2,100. The roller skates are available to pre-order now and are set to hit stores later this month.

Will you be ditching your ordinary footwear in favour of these new designer skates?

Photos courtesy of Bottega Veneta.