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With Caitlin Jenner’s recent media extravaganza and just this week, Miley Cyrus’s statements about gender fluidity, sexuality and gender identity issues are making front page news. As someone who unequivocally supports equal rights and the LGBTQ community, the fact that these topics are no longer taboo and are becoming casual water cooler talk is very heartening. But let’s be real, these two live very privileged lives. Let’s talk about how these stories are filtering through the news and what you think about this new breed of sex-based publicity. Do you think overall it will be helpful for the communities in question or are we reaching a saturation where people will start to tune out? How do you think Jenner’s new reality show will impact the national debate?

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Haven’t really seen much about Miley’s stories, but I find Caitlyn’s to be such a positive step for the transgender community. The interview was really interesting. There will be some people who talk about it for attention/publicity. However, its such a serious issue and needs to be openly talked about the sex-based publicity seems to be opening a lot of doors

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