Something Funny Is Going On at the TSA


Mention of the U.S. Transportation Security Administration (TSA) doesn’t usually bring on giggles. After all, that’s the agency part of the Department of Homeland Security responsible for, among other things, security checkpoints at airports. You know, the one that makes you take off your shoes and empty your pockets.

Well, now it seems that somebody’s father has hijacked (pun intended) the TSA Instagram account. Replete with dad jokes and puns, the posts reely (another pun) provide a humorous, or lame, depending on your point of view, guide to air travel in the United States.

Embedded in the hahas (or groans), is useful and important information. A recent eye-catching post about traveling with “emotional baggage” certainly caught our eye as it addressed a topic about which we write a lot – don’t travel with fake items. TSA dad writes: “Be sure your bags aren’t duff-full with prohibited or replica items.” That’s a nice way of saying we are confiscating fakes. (Read: The Danger of Traveling With Fake Designer Bags)

Whatever your real-life experience going through airport security, the Instagram account finds a way to riff on the words.

Take a look at this one. Touting the advantages of TSA Pre-Check, the TSA dad bounces to the NBA . . . referencing Space Jam, Shaq, Hardaway, and Wade . . . Perhaps more appropriate to dad’s age group, as he (or she) left out LeBron, Giannis, and Durant.

Travelling with pets or trying to bring a bottle of vodka through security – TSA dad is covering those too. Along with many other flyer mishaps. 

Look through the account and tell us which posts and reels tickle your funny bone. Or which fly over (your) head. ;)