Special Order Options for S/S 2016


Hermes continues to offer less and less “special” options for leathers and colors for what once was a feast when placing SO!
I only want to do chèvre as my SO. I saw options earlier this week and they are the same as the mini K colors I posted here except no rose lipstick, GAH!
Options are:
Blue Paon
Blue Hydra
Rouge Tomate
Blue Saphire
Mustard Yellow

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BirkinBabe thanks for sharing! Curious how you’ll work with these colors in chèvre. May I ask are you designing a B or K? Your expert thoughts on swift as a leather for a small bag, for instance a B25 or K25?

  • BirkinBabe

    I’m contemplating a B30 in chèvre, bi color. I just can’t pick colors. I really wanted RC which was offered a few rounds ago but sadly not this time. Rouge Tomate is not for me. The pickings are very slim. I am leaning towards neutrals at the moment.
    As for swift, I wouldn’t recommend it in anything other than a 25. My aunt has a large collection and her swift B doesn’t look so great. I’m not a swift fan and H has increased production of their swift offerings. I have been told two things about swift: 1. doesn’t hold its value as well over time, and that it’s difficult to repair and stains very easily. Not for me. PurseBop don’t do swift for a SO!

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Thanks for posting this, I was so interested as to what they would have this time around. I agree, the selections are now really limited. Do you know what you are going to select? Good luck I am sure it will turn out beautifully

  • Pursebop

    Hello girlfriend, the pickings are very slim once again ? Yours must be coming soon if they are still quoting 6-9 months. How exciting this all is!

  • Pursebop

    What are your thoughts on swift for a smaller sized bag? There are many swift options for SO this season?

  • Stylish Sheba

    Usually I would have a preference to do a SO in Chevre but I think this time you might just have to go where the great colours are. I would say though that swift seems extremely delicate, like twillys for the handles would be a good idea and I’ve been warned by my SA about colour transfer and making sure to stuff the bag when not using it. What were the swift choices?

  • BirkinBabe

    I read your story on the SO here on the site. I am excited to see yours. I am really stuck. Chèvre wears best over time and I have young kids. I really wanted RC, desperately actually. And now when it’s offered I won’t be asked to do a SO again. We don’t get repeat offerings here so soon.

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