The Case of the Missing Himalaya Birkin from Hermès Milan


The latest news circulating through the luxury lover’s community revolves around the mysterious disappearance of an incredibly rare Hermès bag. Official reports have the Hermès community buzzing about the theft of four bags from the warehouse of the via Montenapoleone store.

Hermès, Via Monte Napoleone, Milan. Image courtesy: Hermès

The situation unfolded on Monday, August 7 – a seemingly ordinary working day at Hermès in Milan. However, the employees at the boutique were soon to make a shocking discovery. It is reported that inside a box tucked away in the boutique’s warehouse, they stumbled upon a handbag that didn’t match the one indicated on the box or the serial number. And missing was not just any handbag –  an iconic and rare Himalaya Birkin, retailing for 50,000.

Image courtesy: @lamacorita

Image courtesy: @lamacorita

This alarming discovery consequently set off a chain of events that exposed a puzzling case of potential bag-switching. As the staff delved deeper, they realized that several other bags were missing too, at a value of around 90,000.  The police are currently investigating and re-watching security camera footage in order to identify those responsible. Importantly, the alleged theft is said to have taken place in a room where only authorized staff have access. 

This would not be the first time that ex-Hermès employees have caused a stir. It was only a few years ago that former Hermès employees were convicted of using their knowledge to create and sell fake Birkin and Kelly bags. 

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And then there’s, of course, the ongoing concern of counterfeit and replica Birkin bags originating from China. These instances shed light on the challenges the luxury industry has been facing regarding the authenticity and integrity of its products. While the alleged recent discovery of the mismatched Himalaya Birkin at the Hermès boutique in Milan has certainly raised eyebrows, we are yet to await the full report on the unfolding events. 

What are your thoughts on these alleged recent events?

Report from News Italy 24

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