The Chloe Craze, live from Paris


Writing to you from Paris, want to share with you some up close and personal pics I took at here Chloe. My girlfriend wants the Drew bag so we took the time to really feel & try the sizes, see the colors and handle it in our hands…

I MUST say this bag is really trending here, I have seen several out at night at Buddha Bar & Hotel Costes…

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We compared the small and the nano, as my girlfriend is looking to use it in the evenings…

The construction was exceptional and the chain truly substancial & luxurious. The mini is adorable and did not look misplaced on my 5’10” girlfriend BUT it does not fit an iphone. It was game over for the nano for us.

Comparison pic of all leather vs leather/suede combination.

I’ll keep you posted. And yes. its at least a few hundred dollars cheaper here! Exact handbag math to follow…

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I love the Drew Bag but the only problem now that I see is that so many people have it. I was thinking of getting it and on my trip to China I saw tons of Drew replicas already :(
I think Chloe did such a good job revamping their bags and making a true come-back with this bag line! I think Chloe is a great Designer and I love my Chloe bags <3

I hope your friend will find the perfect Drew :)

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