The Fendi Kan I Review - by @mel_inmelbourne


What is this new bag?
I’ve never noticed you before
“2 more minutes” I say to hubby
Then I’ll be right out the door.

Your gorgeous grey colour,
Was the first thing to catch my eye
You’d make a great neutral I think
Oh, I’ll just give it a try…

And then before I knew it
Two yellow bags were in my hand
I’m not usually an impulse buyer
Nor do I usually buy this brand?

However there are reasons for this purchase
I have always loved Fendi
But with all the studs, florals and fur
Perhaps I thought it was all too trendy?

So let me give you now
My first impressions of this bag
I’ve used it a few times already
And so far no red flags

Love the classic silhouette
The smooth sliding chain
The signature studs on the lock
Getting in and out wasn’t a pain

The shape’s like a Celine box bag
With the chain of the Chanel boy
Long enough to wear crossbody
This versatility I really enjoy

Something super fun about this bag
On the handle there are 4 extra rings
Geez Fendi you are clever!
This is purely to hang extra things!

Yes in the second yellow bag,
I ended up buying a dangly bit
Hence why you see my new “M” charm
A sucker for initials…I do admit.

Loving the accordion style interior
Big enough to fit an iPhone 7 Plus
Having these two compartments
Means finding things without a fuss

However this is not a structured bag
Soft and smooth calfskin is the leather
If these two things annoy you
Then you may have to reconsider

Although I normally stick to the trio
Hermes, LV or Chanel
Overall verdict? I’m glad I bought this cutie
Definitely something different for Mel

That’s the end of my mini review
“Kan I” (no pun intended)…just say
It is definitely worth checking out
Go in and have a play!

Love @mel_inmelbourne ❤

Please don’t hesitate to ask questions about my new Fendi Kan I below…