The Long Birkin Wait is Over


The journey to my dream Birkin has been a long hard one. Heartbreaks and let downs from my previous Hermes associate forced me to request a new one. Four years of waiting! The constant back and forth with my associate left me thinking it was pointless. I went through times that I thought I was stupid for even wanting this bag. I questioned myself and even convinced myself it wasn’t worth it anymore. I lost my love affair of this luxury brand for almost a year.
I came back to get more pieces of china to complete my set. Once again I was let down by my associate! Every time he would offer me something it was the complete opposite of what I asked for ! ( I had a list! A long one) Being offered a Birkin is nice BUT it was only 3 bags in 3 years ! When I would say no he would give me a guilt trip because I was not purchasing “a birkin”. “But you will have a Birkin and people will know what it is when you are out ”
That’s not my mindset! My response was obviously a bit harsh (I won’t repeat). He upset me for the last time. It doesn’t help that when I went down there for this trip (it’s a long drive and I have 2 little ones). He told me the color was a baby blue when in fact the color was Craie. So I simply said ” I’m not buying a Birkin just because it’s a “Birkin! I’m buying one that I love and only one that I love because it’s a quality handbag and I adore the color ”
That was the last straw. I tried to switch associates but they would not really allow it. So I called cooperate and explained that I’m not some random person coming off the street. I’ve been a client for over three years with nothing to show for it. I’m tired of not having any of my questions answered. I’m tired of getting guilt trips when I don’t want to purchase a color that I’m just not in love with. I have a few friends in New York and I asked if I could just purchase through them but they ended up calling the local Hermes manager. She promptly gave me a new associate and they offered me a Kelly (it was not something of my liking) So there I was starting all over again and already starting off with an offer that I didn’t want. I’m not a picky person I stated that I want distinct color. I do not want in-between colors for my first Birkin.
My new associate and I had long conversations about what I like in a handbag and my lifestyle. She recommended that I add Kelly to my list. She’s extremely sweet and has given me three offers in one year. The only one I liked (turquoise ghilles b35) I could not get down for because I was out of the country for a few weeks. The devastation was immeasurable. I really felt like it was a lost cause.
My birthday is in January and my associate assured me that she was going to work really hard to get me a Kelly for my birthday. I came to terms with the wait. But then out of the blue this beautiful epsom anemone b35 came into my lap. A private collector was willing to part with it. It was love at first social media site!
So here I am with hope that I will get my dream bag for my birthday and I have the beautiful Birkin 35 offered to me. It’s like I won the lottery !!! I had to get it. The chances of finding this again were so slim. My heart cried out for anemone. I dreamt about it. Now she’s mine!!! The wait is over. I can hardly contain myself.

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Congratulations gorgeous xoxo

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Isn’t she lovely ?

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