The Queen's is Bigger than Meghan Markle's


Well, really, that probably applies to lots of things – palace dwellings, crowns and tiaras, cars and train, staff . . . and most everything else. But this being PurseBop we are naturally talking about handbags; more specifically the purses carried by these royal ladies on their first trip together to Chester.

Queen Elizabeth’s ladylike handheld purse is by Launer London, which has been accessorizing the monarch for the last fifty years. Notice the longer handles . . . which apparently make it easier to shake hands and greet others.

Her newest granddaughter-in-law Meghan Markle – now the Duchess of Sussex – also went with a black purse, but one on the smaller side. At first glance, it appeared to be a clutch, the style so popular with both Princess Diana and Kate Middleton (the Duchess of Windsor). However, it does have a small chain handle. The bag, like her dress, is Givenchy (perhaps bespoke).

Photos courtesy: People Magazine