Hermès Prices are Wrong on Bravo's RHOBH


The Price is wrong when it comes to Bravo and Hermès bags. Even after PurseBop has pointed this out, Bravo continues to use incorrect price tags.

On the season finale of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Garcelle invited all the ladies over for a Birkins and Bubbles party. Garcelle, who has been coveting a Birkin bag and even had a Birkin shaped cake for her birthday, finally pulls the trigger and purchases a Jaune D’Or Birkin 35.

Mini Kelly

Lisa Rinna’s mini Kelly, which was first featured in Season 9 Episode 10 (2019), was listed for $5,000. The retail price for an Epsom Kelly 20 is actually for $8,250. On the resale market, it starts around $32,000.

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Birkin 30

Sutton is seen carrying a green Birkin 30, which Bravo has listed for $24,000. This bag actually retails for $11,000. Her Gaultier Hermès scarf dress is listed as priceless.

Croc Birkin 30

Kyle’s crocodile Birkin bag is listed by Bravo at $64,000. This bag retails for $58,0000.

What do you think about all this GORGEOUS Hermès eyecandy? Did you spot any you would love to add to your wishlist? Let us know…

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I think its odd that Christos himself was placed at this party-that screams of I paid the advertising to have this party-and he would not know the prices or bring such average inventory for these ladies. If anyone would know prices it would be Christos or this crowd, this ‘party’ was so inauthentic among a sea of inauthentic people, what else can we expect?

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