Hermès Kelly Prices Guide 2022

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Just how much does that Hermès Kelly cost? Wonder no more. We have the current euro and dollar prices for most sizes, in most leathers including Togo and Epsom leather.

Probably the most startling fact from our analysis is how much of a bargain these precious handbags are at the moment when buying in Europe. Particularly if you’re an American visiting abroad. With the euro and dollar at parity (on 7.17.22 the exchange was 1.01 euros per dollar), the savings may be in the thousands.

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Look at the Kelly 25 Togo Retourne pricing in our chart, as one example. In the United States, the current cost is $9900 (plus sales tax of course, dependent upon where you are). In Europe, that same Kelly runs you €7400. With the dollar and euro basically equal, that’s $7400 if you buy abroad, or a savings of at least $2500. Additionally, you’ll recover about 12% for VAT refund, though you are responsible for custom duties upon reentry to the United States.

Unfortunately, though, with skyrocketing airfares, you’ll have to pay to get there, which will eat into those savings. However, if you’re already planning to travel, take advantage of these lower Kelly prices. That is, if you can get your hands on one!

The ability to purchase one of these treasures remains extremely difficult. Indeed, some suggest that it has become even more challenging, particularly since and during the pandemic. Restrictions, production interruptions, and the supply chain generally wreaked havoc on the available stock for these bags. Now, whether that’s a coincidence or intentional strategy to boost exclusivity, only the Hermès powers know for sure.

Regardless, the one thing that has not occurred is any substantial price increase. In releasing its 2021 financial results, Hermès Executive Chairman Axel Dumas revealed that price increases in 2022 would likely be around 3.5%. On a $10,000 handbag, that’s an extra $350.

Frankly, the Hermès price hikes over the last several years have been no different. In or about 2019, the Togo Kelly 25 sold for $9350. In other words, over three years, the cost rose $550, or 5.8%. Contrast that with changes in Chanel pricing. Since late 2019 the price of the medium Classic Chanel flap has nearly doubled, skyrocketing from $5800 to $8800.

Put another way, despite (or perhaps due to) relative price stability, the demand for the Hermès Kelly shows no sign of waning. If you’re lucky enough to be in Europe and be offered one, it’s a good time to take the plunge.

Here are the current prices in the United States and Europe.

Kelly 20 cm2022 Price (USD)2022 Price (Euros)
Matte Alligator28,500
Kelly 25 cm2022 Price (USD)2022 Price (Euros)
Togo Retourne$9,900€7,400
Swift Retourne$10,300€7,700
Epsom Sellier$10,600€7,950
Chevre Sellier$11,400€8,500
Ostrich Sellier$21,800€16,300
Veau Madame Sellier€8,500
Box Sellier$13,500
Kelly 28 cm2022 Price (USD)2022 Price (Euros)
Togo Retourne$10,600€7,950
Clemence Retourne$10,600€7,950
Swift Retourne€8,200
Epsom Sellier$11,200€8,300
Chevre Sellier$11,600
Box Sellier$13,900
Kelly 32 cm2022 Price (USD)2022 Price (Euros)
Togo Retourne$11,300€8,450
Epsom Sellier$12,100€9,050
2022 Price (USD)2022 Price (Euros)
Kelly Pochette Swift$6,050€4.500
Kelly Cut Swift$6,100
Kelly Danse Swift$7,200
Kelly Danse Volupto$8,200
Kelly Danse Evercolor$7,450
Kelly Doll (2022 version)€11,100
Published: July 17th, 2022
Updated: January 2nd, 2023

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