The Sweet Smell of My Mini Special Order


Whether it’s your first Hermes bag or your 10th or 20th, the excitement of holding the bag for the first time and breathing in the new smell of leather never gets old! Darn! Did I just describe holding a bag for the first time or a new baby? Just kidding!! Please don’t judge ????

Needless to say the entire process becomes even more special if the bag we are talking about is a special order! Never in a million years did I think I would own a single Birkin or Kelly and here I am nearly three years later holding my second Special Order bag, while waiting for the third one to arrive later this year! The H gods have been kind and I count my blessings for the amazing opportunity to create a bag that is quintessential me and reflects my love for specific colors and hardware!

Another thing that makes it special? It’s my first mini bag from Hermes. Yes, I have a Constance 18 but so far had no baby B or baby K. Trying to change that fact one SO at a time ;)

Well, to share my story. Precisely 11 months 4 days back, thanks to my amazing SA I placed my SO for a Kelly 25. I have been waiting with baited breath for the arrival of this baby since December when the first SOs from that time period began to arrive at my store. I don’t know who was more anxious, me or my SA.

Bless her heart, my SA had memorized my entire order number so that if it came to my store she wouldn’t have to ask the SM for help in identifying who’s bag it was.
December turned into January, and January into February and no signs of my SO. A little disheartened, I was almost ready to write this SO as one of those that gets lost in the H vortex for eternity. Fast forward today, sitting in my comfy sweats, with my spectacles on, hair pulled back in a bun, a no nonsense attitude to boot I was busy with office work (yup! Gotta work to fuel my H addiction ????). Then the phone rings and I look at the phone a little irritated like ‘I am working, shouldn’t people just read my mind and not bug me?’ I almost didn’t answer! But, thankfully better sense prevailed and I at least looked at who was calling and it said ‘Hermes’. All work forgotten, knowing exactly who was calling and why, I picked up my phone and screamed ‘Is she here?’ I could hear my SA laughing on the other end and she confirmed what my heart already knew! My SO baby was here to be picked up! What good is joy if it can’t be shared with your best friends, right? I quickly messaged my small group of friends and they couldn’t be happier to share my excitement and happiness (You ladies know who you are! I love you and I thank you for your friendship and unconditional love????????). My bestie was at work but I was on face time with her the entire time so I could share this journey with her and it made it even more special for me! A quick crazy fruitful trip to the store and this beauty is all mine now!

I apologize for the long story…it may be just a bag for some and may feel like ‘much ado about nothing’. For me, it’s a piece I helped create and the excitement is real! Thank you for sharing my reveal story and joy today. And so without further ado, here she is – Ms. Kelly 25 retourne in Togo leather, Bleu Electrique with Bordeaux inside, contrast stitching and brushed gold hardware ????????

Love always,

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Cross body strap ????

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We love this! That cutie is TDF and you know what, it’s rare to see a cutie like this in the retourne style. Simply so special. Congrats to you and a very sweet thank you for sharing your story with us.

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