The Top 10 Bags of 2016


I loved Purse Bop’s top ten picks for 2016. Of the ten bags given shout outs, my personal favorites in my collection were the WOC and the Palm Springs backpack. I feel that the WOC will continue to be a classic top ten pick year after year, be it YSL/Chanel/Etc., but the surprise champion in practical workhorse for myself was the rise of the backpack.

Before 2016 I had actually never bothered with owning a WOC because while I love cross bodies, I could never commit to clutches because I was a Mary Poppins kind of purse packer so WOCs seemed like unlikely aaaaalmost bags that I could try if only they were bigger – at which point they would simply be cross bodies and what would be the point? However, when a black fringe YSL one went on sale I couldn’t stop myself. And then it was love at first “Oh my god, I DON’T need to carry around all of this stuff!” sight.

I’ve definitely gotten so much more use out of my black fringe YSL WOC than I ever imagined that I would. And I’ve used my MM Palm Springs backpack more in one year than I’ve used some bags in three years – it’s held up marvelously and been such a phenomenal backpack as a fun travel companion, for running errands, or just going for a backpack feel that day. I use my Givenchy Antigona as well…but reach for the PS more often as a workhorse.

What are your favorite’s from Purse Bop’s Top Ten Bags of 2016? Would you add any to the list? Take any off?

PS. I can’t seem to upload any photos to this post – it keeps saying “Forbidden”, but when I figure it out I’ll post pics of my two faves from the list in action.

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Love your write up on our top 10 bags! Thank you for sharing in such detail! I love the Mary Poppins analogy ?? I still don’t have a WOC ? But you have inspired me to try. Could your image be too large – although there should not be any restrictions. If it still doesn’t work, email to me please at [email protected] ??

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