This NFT Birkin is Having a Baby, Literally.


It seems we were right about some of the predictions we made earlier this year concerning the new NFT craze and the fashion industry. NFT stands for non-fungible token. An NFT is essentially a representation of something that is one of a kind. NFTs are developed using blockchain technology. PurseBop reported on the emergence of NFTs in the fashion world back in March and proposed that soon we could be seeing digital Birkins pop up on the market in the form of NFTs. And that is exactly what has occurred!

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A new pixel animation of a Hermès Birkin is being auctioned on the exclusive resale platform Basic.Space. What’s even more mind-boggling is that the digital piece of art shows a transparent Birkin bag pregnant with a baby clearly inside!?! Aptly named ‘Baby Birkin’, the animation depicts all stages in a 40 week pregnancy so the fetus will grow and change in the animation in real time.

The artwork is a 3D 2000×2000 pixel animation and was created by designers Mason Rothschild and Eric Ramirez. The visual of the growing fetus is against a space-like backdrop and the animation is accompanied by a space-themed sound.

The ‘Baby Birkin’ has been on auction since May 13th and, so far, has had 17 bids, the highest being $6,000. Bidding will be open on the artwork until May 20th via Basic.Space.

Hermès is not affiliated with the piece of art.

This kind of use for NFTs may seem wacky. But there are many other ways NFTs could be used in the luxury fashion industry. NFTs could be used to combat the counterfeit luxury goods trade if every authentic product was associated with a unique NFT proving its uniqueness and authenticity.

The technology is still very new and relatively unexplored so who knows what’s in store for NFTs and luxury fashion in the future.

What are your thoughts on the new ‘Baby Birkin’? Will you be investing in NFT Birkins from now on or do you plan to stick to the real deal? Let us know.

Photos courtesy of Mason Rothschild / Eric Ramirez.

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