Tokyo Fashion Week 2017


This season in Tokyo, the strongest collections worked with current Japanese culture to come up with the best styles.

Yohei Ohno, making his Tokyo Fashion Week debut, had one of the week’s best shows. Ohno was inspired by industrial elements and Bauhaus posters, a type of German art, which he saw on a trip to Berlin. He created needle-punched denim jackets, creating a sharp look, and he also created space-age quilted satin skirts. The skirts proved that you can incorporate a basic skirt into a breathtaking outfit.

Teppei Fujita, Japanese fashion designer of the brand Sulvam, presented a farewell to Tokyo with a group of all-Japanese models wearing deconstructed suede and wool camo coats.

Tokyo Fashion week is also known for its cutting-edge styles, and this is exactly what they showed us from the outfits to the shoes. Plastic platforms and bright red boots with fringe accents fashionably rocked the runway, and Tokyo did not fail to present a unique fashion show.

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Photo courtesy Vogue.