Two Cars Crash Into Cali Louis Vuitton For $100K Heist


Imagine $100,000 of Louis Vuitton goods? Assuming handbags, it could be 50 Neo Noé. Or Neverfulls, Micro Métis, or some other combination of bags retailing for around $2000.

Well, the equivalent (though we don’t know the precise type of merch) was stolen from Louis Vuitton’s Newport Beach, California store. Around 3:45am two vehicles smashed into the boutique at the Fashion Island outdoor mall, and suspects raided the store.

Police officers report that the alleged perpetrators escaped into a third vehicle, engaging California High Patrol in a freeway chase.    During pursuit, goods were thrown out of a door. Ultimately it ended when four people ran out of the vehicle. Thus far, two have been arrested.

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