What Bag Are You Bringing To Thanksgiving Dinner?


If you’re lucky enough to be a guest at a Thanksgiving day feast, your ensemble likely includes a handbag. That’s especially true if you have to contribute money for the family feast like Twitter user Beetaylora who says she’s being charged $30 by her aunt! I never thought of charging everyone . . . could add up to enough for a bag at $100 a plate . . . but I digress . . .

Should you go glitzy, small and formal? Or do you tote your life and perhaps gifts for the host and hostess? Some guests worry about carrying a pricey purse – out of fear of being judged. On the other hand, maybe your table is filled with fashionistas who want to show off and admire prized possessions.

Me, well, I have to transport the entire meal to my aging parents so the last thing I have room for is a bag. Add to that our group of 12 is nuclear family only and dominated by men and boys who could not care less. But, I’m unusual.

What are you bringing?