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Hello fellow Boppers!
Last week it was all about “what’s in your bag” and since I’m a slightly nosy person, I’m also curious what’s in your carry-on?
Be it either your valuables that you don’t trust to be in your checked luggage (Since my bag had been lost once, I am a bit paranoid (luckily they found it a couple of days later!)) or all your stuff, because you’re only away for a few days, what are your must take items?
I’ll start with my suitcase that I took to Majorca/ Spain a week ago for my birthday weekend. Since I’ve only been there from Friday night till Sunday evening, I needed:
2 going out outfits
1 bag that matches both outfits (my Chanel 2.55)
2 bikinis
2 pair of shoes (Flipflops and sandals)
my PJ
a beach towel
sunglasses (Ray Ban)
travel curling iron by Remington
Oh and my tiara (it was my birthday after all) and two badges with “Happy Birthday” and “Birthday Girl” on it. :)
So let’s see what you got in your luggage!
Nadine / Highheeledtraveller

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very well organized carry on highheeltraveller ;) when I travel I´ll surely post a pic of my carry on here… but it usually contains Ipad, sunglasses, my travelling camera (canon t2i), a sweater, any other bag that I take… only the essentials ;) thanks for sharing your carry on! great thread :)

  • Highheeledtraveller

    Thank you PatiEv! Cannot wait for you to share a pic of your carry on :)

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