What's the mystery bag Pursebop scored from Delhi


We have all been wondering what Pursebop was up to when she fly off to the land of the Maharajahs. She did reveal a mystery box that had been sitting under her bed for a while. Now we all know Pursebop can be quite subtle when it comes to clues about what’s in her next orange box. So here’s my take on what I think she scored. Clues as follows
1) square orange box in a relatively small H paper bag – Hermes aficionados will know what bags can fit in a box this size
2) pink handle peeking out from Gris T on IG story when she was in NYC – that was so fleeting on IG but we definitely caught it
3) recent mini Kelly feature on Stormi refusing to let go of her mini Kelly on Kylie Jenner’s instagram
4) recent revisit on Hermes bag sizes
5) last but not least her love for all things pink

So based on the clues here, have you guessed what are the specs of the bag she got?

My guess it’s a mini k20. In Rose Tyrien
What do you gals think of my guess?

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I am just seeing this now, I adore this my investigative friend. May I share on IG to get some responses?
Too cute ????

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