Who Pays when Waiter Ruins Your Hermès Bag


Picture this: you’re dining in a lovely restaurant with your spouse . . . Or in this case an upscale country club. Whatever you’re wearing is upscale because your purse companion for the evening is a favorite (and expensive hard-to-get) Hermès bag. And then . . .the waiter spills wine all over your treasure.

It happened in New Jersey and the patron is suing for damage to (what she alleges is) her $30,000 Hermès bag. According to the complaint, the purse in question is light pink and the wine is red. You can just imagine.

Naturally, we are wondering which bag was ruined. We know the price tag on regular leather Birkins and Kelly’s is much lower at an Hermès boutique. So is it an exotic? Was it purchased resale over the retail price? Is it Irreplaceable? Any guesses?

What would you do?

Read more at https://www.nj.com/news/2019/10/a-waiter-spilled-red-wine-on-her-30k-handbag-now-she-wants-the-country-club-to-pay-for-it.html

Photo courtesy: IG @patel_neesha

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You get an Eclipse jacket to protect your bag ????



  • DLH

    If the bag is truly ruined then the country club should pay. I really don’t see why it can’t be cleaned. Surely the Hermes spa can get the stain out.

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Shouldn’t you insure the bag?

  • Sara S. S. Florent

    Did the outfit get ruined too? Where was your Hermes bag–floor, lap, chair? I have tried to insure my Hermes bags and the cost is outrageous plus the caveats as to what is not covered are longer than what is covered. And your insurance doesn’t cover clumsy waiters unless they are your own household staff. So I think the country club should pay after seeing the receipt.

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