Brazilian Bop: Iguazu Falls

Iguazu Falls: King of all falls. Truly makes Niagra Falls seem like the mini version, spanning both the Brazilian and Argentinian sides. This is where we crossed the border by car from Brazil into Argentina….to experience the Magestic Power on both sides!

View ahead as we approach Devil’s Throat (its named Devil’s Throat for a reason) in what seemed like a little boat, but in comparison to the swallowing Falls, even a cruise liner would feel unstable to me ….Pursebop was not a very happy sailor at this point :-(

This was in fact the last picture before sealing away all cameras, phones etc, in plastic bags and then coming as close as humanly possible to the actual falls. A very wet affair, as wet as deep sea diving but without the scuba gear.

The power of the falls was very threatening, in fact frightening to me. Its power made deafening thrashing sounds…..way too close for comfort for me… fact I don’t know that I saw much more after this point,  it was an EYES WIDE SHUT moment for me!

BrazilianBop-IguazuFalls (1)

BrazilianBop-IguazuFalls (2)

BrazilianBop-IguazuFalls (3)

Love PurseBop


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