Chanel Jewelry for a Touch of Glamour

Chanel Pearl Necklace

Anne Hathaway in Chanel Jewelry from the film The Devil Wears Prada. Photo Credit: Cultura Colectiva via Pinterest

Looking to add some Chanel to your life (and wardrobe)? Finances tight or it’s hard to justify a big splurge at the moment? Chanel’s costume jewelry may be just the solution for you! True, it’s not the real stuff but it is veritable Chanel.

Chanel’s costume jewelry range is beautiful, sophisticated and slightly whimsical. The pieces are instantly recognizable and highly coveted, not just for the value of the stones but for their incredible designs and brand value. The not-so-secret Chanel “codes” repeat in the jewelry line so you can get your fill of pearls, camellias, leather-laced chains, tweed and more. It is also a great entry point to all things Chanel, as prices tend to be significantly lower than their classic handbags.

Chanel Costume Jewelry

Photo Credit: @lilkimmyc

Costume jewelry or bijoux is part of Chanel’s fashion legacy. Gabrielle ‘Coco’ Chanel is credited with introducing costume jewelry into high fashion. In 1924 she designed a pair of faux pearl earrings – one white and one black. Later she designed a faux pearl choker, versions of which have made their appearance in Vogue five times since!

Coco Chanel was seldom spotted without her pearls. Only they were never real! Indeed, Coco began the trend of mixing fake pearls with shiny stones for a bold yet elegant fashion statement!

Chanel Costume Jewelry

‘Coco’ Chanel was credited with mixing faux pearls with multi-colored stones. Photo Credit: truefacet

Another fun fact – costume jewelry derives its name from the fact that it was designed to supplement a specific outfit or ‘costume’ as opposed to being a stand-alone piece. However, the Chanel’s current selection of jewelry ranges from bold statement pieces to delicate rings and necklaces, allowing you to add a subtle or extravagant touch of Chanel to practically any outfit.

Here are six lust worthy jewelry pieces from Chanel’s latest collection that will give you a flavor of their costume jewelry line:

The Long Necklace

Price: $1,650

The long necklace is a whimsical piece of jewelry spotted often on celebrities and in movies. Featuring cultured freshwater pearls as well as glass pearls, the necklace has two small charms with the iconic ‘CC’ logo. Usually you can choose between gold and silver hardware. Quintessentially Chanel, this instantly recognizable piece of jewelry is top on the list of every Chanel and jewelry enthusiast!

Photo Credit: @chanel

Style Tip: Well…pretty much anything you wear will go beautifully with these. Even sportswear!!!


Price: $1,525

This stunning chunky black cuff makes for a beautiful statement piece. The bold and youthful piece of jewelry is sure to make heads turn and freshen up your attire! The pearls on the Giant ‘CC’ logo are made of glass so do handle with care.

Chanel Costume Jewelry

Photo Credit: @chanel

Style Tip: Color block with a simple evening ensemble to complete the look…with a flourish!


Price: $575

These elegant earrings feature the Chanel ‘CC’ logo adorned with tiny glass pearls, crystals and a larger hanging pearl. Despite the Chanel codes in place, the earrings are stunning in an understated way. There is even a matching ring to complete the set!

Chanel Costume Jewelry

Photo Credit: @chanel

Chanel Costume Jewelry

Photo Credit: @chanel

Style Tip: To brunch, lunch or afternoon tea – Team it with a flowy outfit and you’re all set!


$ 725

A great alternative to a statement necklace, a brooch adds that extra touch of subtle and elegant bling to any outfit. This giant ‘CC’ brooch is made with black and white crystals and is embellished with strass crystals and glass pearls.

Chanel Costume Jewelry

Photo Credit: @chanel

Style Tip: On the lapel of a dress suit, as a clasp for your scarf or even in your hair as a clip – the Chanel Brooch with sure to add that touch of bling that stands out. True fashionistas often use the brooch on a necklace as well.


$ 2,800

When elegance meets grunge – featuring multiple strands of gold toned metal chains and dotted with brightly colored glass pearls, this bracelet is one of our favorites. A sparkly ‘CC’ is boldly splashed across the center of the bracelet, ensuring its identity stays intact.

Photo Credit: @chanel

Chanel Costume Jewelry

Photo Credit: @chanel

Style Tip: Pair these with laid back denims on a casual dinner to friends or family!

Costume jewelry pieces hold an important place in Chanel’s collections season after season. As can be seen, they tend to feature all of the House’s themes including the iconic interlocking C’s, bouclé and tweed. Definitely tempting to splurge on these as a small and deserving treat!

Chanel Brooch

The Chanel Brooch. Photo Credit: the-atlantic-pacific

Chanek earrings

Photo Credit: @thingssheloves.xo

Chanel Pearl Necklace

Chanel Pearl Necklace. Photo Credit: @rubyhhp

Chanel Earrings

Chanel Earrings. Photo Credit: @macstush

Chanel Cuff

Chanel Cuff as seen on @briannameighan

Chanel Earrings

Chanel Earrings. Photo Credit: @dani27302730

Chanel Earrings

Chanel Earrings as seen on @glam_kiki

Chanel brooch

Chanel Brooch. Photo Credit:@ glamour via pinterest

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Published: November 22nd, 2020
Updated: November 22nd, 2020

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