Chanel x Pharrell: Bags from Chanel’s Unisex Collection

The Chanel x Pharrell Williams collection is finally here, and the question we have for you is this: Is it worth the hype? Since it was announced back in October, the collab has been generating quite a lot of interest. In all the years of the brand’s history, Chanel has never done a capsule collection—until “CHANEL – PHARRELL,” that is.

The collection, which launched in Seoul on March 29th, will be released at Chanel boutiques worldwide and on the brand’s website from April 4th. It’s groundbreaking in that it’s gender-neutral, as Pharrell has proclaimed, though the styles do tend towards the more traditionally “masculine.” GQ called the collection Chanel’s “move into menswear.” (The brand has never put out a full menswear collection.)

Pharrell has long been a fan of Chanel, and in 2017 he even designed a shoe with Lagerfeld for the house. The collection clearly reflects his respect for the brand, and his personal streetwear-leaning tastes. It draws on classic Chanel designs, giving them a bit of a twist.

Here are the some of the bags we’ve spotted so far. Take a look, and tell us: would you buy these for you or for your man?

Harper’s Bazaar Korea, April 2019 Issue. Photo courtesy: Harper’s Bazaar

Croc-Embossed “5” Tote

A bag suspected to be part of the release (though this is yet to be confirmed). Pharrell was spotted with this bag at Chanel’s haute couture show during Paris Fashion Week in January.


Oversized Colorful Flaps

The Classic Flap, revamped—need we say any more? Would you tote around one of these on a motorcycle ride?

Photo courtesy: Harper’s Bazaar

Photo courtesy: Chanel

Photo courtesy: Chanel

Photo courtesy: Chanel

Messenger Bag

Messenger bags that look almost like oversized bum bags. We can’t think of a more typically “unisex” look.

Photo courtesy: Chanel

Photo courtesy: Seunghoon Jeong/HYPEBEAST KR

Fanny Packs

Of course, the (newly) classic fanny packs. (Read: Fanny Pack or Belt Bag? Which Is It?). In suede, and with Chanel’s famous chain-leather strap.

Photo courtesy: Chanel

Photo courtesy: Chanel

Green Fuzzy Tote

And of course, this fuzzy bag spotted on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar, which is perhaps the most surprising bag of the collection.

Photo courtesy: Harper’s Bazaar

You’ve now seen, if not all, at least a fair amount of the bags from the capsule collection. We’ll have to wait until the 4th to view the styles on, but in the meantime…YAY or NAY?

Published: March 31st, 2019
Updated: March 31st, 2019

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