Are Bag Inserts a Good Idea for Our Designer Handbags?


Dear PurseBop:

Hi, I’m looking for a light bag insert for the Goyard St. Louis PM tote. Would appreciate any guidance. Thanks

Dear Bag Insert:

Using a bag insert is an excellent idea to protect and organize the inside of our designer handbags. Especially in a larger sized tote a bag insert can be very useful to give the bag more structure, organization, and protection of the inside from spills or stains.

There are many companies that produce bag inserts for almost any size bag and most designers. They vary in price, material, pattern, and color but most offer a huge amount of choices. There is sure to be one that will complement your bag.

Some of the choices are as follows:

DGAZ purse inserts – can be purchased on Amazon and the ship time is reasonably quick. They are made of silk and have a large variety of colos. Available for most designer handbags in many styles and sizes.

SAMORGA – These handbag inserts are quite thin but sturdy so it does not take up valuable space inside especially for the mini bags. They are made of two different thickness of felt. The material is not very soft but it has interior pockets to keep the inside organized. Available for most designer handbags in many styles and sizes.

ArcDiary Purse Organizer is made of Rayon and comes in a wide variety of beautiful patterns, sizes, shapes, and varieties. Available for many designer handbags in most sizes and styles.

Hermès Bag Organizer – This is called the Toile Chevron Fourbi 25 Bag Insert. Made out of the same material as their dustbag, it is soft, pliable and has two drawstrings on either side secured by a leather piece in true Hermès style.

There are many to choose from. Good luck.

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