Are The Hermès Profiles Linked Between Paris and Europe?


Hi Pursebop,

A question about the global quota system on Hermès bags.

When I purchase a bag in Paris, I do that with my ID. In my country (in Europe) I never gave my ID. How can they link my profile then?

Dear European Customer:

When you make a purchase at your local Hermès boutique, a profile is created for you under your name. Your SA will either ask for your name or use your credit card information when creating your profile.

When shopping in Paris, the boutique will also create a profile for you using your I.D., credit card, or passport. If the name matches your passport or other ID used at your local store then the profiles may be linked. We have heard that the names must match exactly to be linked but we do not have confirmation that this is true.

We have also heard from our community members in Europe that some have profiles that are linked with the Paris boutiques and others report that their profile is not linked. We believe Paris is in the process of linking the profiles to boutiques in Europe, but we do not have confirmation that this has been completed. 


Update: Hermès Moves Closer to a Global Quota System

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