Can My Hermès SA See My Online Purchases?


Dear PurseBop:

Can the Hermès in store SA see my online purchases?

Dear Online Hermès Purchaser:

Your SA should be able to see your online purchases made at if the names on the online account match your name in store. If the names are different, or you use a family members name or account, they may not be linked or able to be seen.

It is up to the discretion of the manager to consider the online purchase history when looking at a client’s total spending profile. You could ask your SA if your online purchases help your in store profile for purposes of being offered a quota bag. Each boutique operates independently with regard to a client’s profile history.

A better alternative to benefit both your purchase history with your SA, and that benefits your SA also, is to have your SA order the item for you from the online portal. They are able to do this for you and this way they get the commission on the sale and you get the item you desire that is not available in store. An added bonus is that items purchased online (even by your SA) may be returned for a full refund if mailed back to

If you recently moved to a city where there is a local store but previously you did not have access to a boutique, it is very possible that the manager would take into account your online purchases when considering a quota or non-quota bag offer.

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