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Hi! Trying to get my first quota bag at Hermès. When we talk about spending ratios (i.e. 1:1 or 1:2), what time period does that mean? Is that within a year, a calendar year, or it can be over the span of a couple years? How long do purchases/spend count toward getting a quota? Trying to understand how quickly I need to reach that goal for it to “count”. Additionally, is it appropriate to ask my SA, knowing it might vary store to store? Thanks!

Dear Curious About “Spend Ratio”:

You have asked several interesting and important questions. First, Hermès has never publicly stated that there is a spend ratio with respect to being offered a quota bag. The idea behind a “spend ratio” has been discussed on social media by Hermès customers based on their individual experience in their local boutique. To be clear, this is not a spoken rule endorsed or confirmed by Hermès.

A 1:1 spend ratio is understood to mean that a client will spend the equivalent of the cost of a Birkin or Kelly by purchasing other products within the boutique over a non-specific period of time in order to be offered a quota bag. For example, if a Birkin costs $10,000 in the U.S. a client would spend at least $10,000 on other Hermès products before being offered a quota bag. There is also discussion that in some locations the spend ratio may be as high as 1:1.5 or 1:2. As Birkins and Kellys become more and more in demand the spend ratio may continue to climb.

However, the Hermès journey is a personal one. It is important that you do not compare your experience to anyone else’s. In addition, every Hermès boutique is run by the store’s director slightly differently. Communicate with your personal SA to understand how your local boutique operates.

On the other hand, each Hermès customer has a spend profile with a total of all purchases made within that store and any other stores linked to it, such as in the US and Paris. When your SA has a quota bag to offer you, the offer to you must first be approved by a manager. The manager may look at your spend profile before making a decision on whether your SA may offer you the bag.

But Hermès is notoriously cloaked in mystery. The rules are not defined and many factors come into play before being offered a quota bag. The amount of pre-spend required is rarely, if ever, spoken. A lot depends on your relationship with your SA, how competitive and busy your local store is, how highly sought after is the bag on your wishlist, how much inventory is available, the timing, the availability of inventory, and even some good fortune all must align.

In the U.S. there is no time limit within which you must spend a certain amount in order to be offered a quota bag. Some people shop often and others shop less often. How quickly or slowly you build your spend profile is completely up to you. It can be longer or shorter than a year. Your spend profile is cumulative and it keeps building even after you are offered a quota bag. 

Finding a SA that you like, connect with, and enjoy shopping with is key to the process. Keeping an open line of communication with your SA is another important factor. Feel free to ask them how your local boutique operates, what if any, are the expectations, how and when to submit a wishlist, how often to communicate with your SA, and any other questions you may have. Some SA’s respond promptly to their texts and emails, others may take longer to respond because they are busy with clients all day. 

Remember, shopping at Hermès is a fun experience that can be done on your terms. You decide how often you want to shop, how much you are comfortable spending, and when to communicate with your SA. Patience goes a long way in this journey. Take your time, enjoy the process, and good things will come. 

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