Can You Purchase a Bag Offered to the Person with the Hermès Appointment If They Refuse It?


Dear PurseBop: Can you purchase a bag offered to the person with the Hermes appointment if they refuse it? If you go into a leather appointment with the person with an appointment, and your friend doesn’t want the purse but you do, would they let you purchase it? Or are purchases only to be made by a person with the appointment?

Dear I Want That Bag:

In Paris, the general rule is that the person under whose name the appointment was made must accept and purchase the bag offered under their profile and with their credit card. 

If you are accompanying your friend to their appointment and they refuse the bag offered, it is not the usual practice that they will offer the bag to you. However, with Hermès anything is possible.

Whether it is a quota bag or a non-quota bag, it would be within the discretion of the SA to allow this situation, or to obtain manager approval to deviate from the usual practice. It is always a good practice to ask the SA if this is possible.

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