Do I Have a Better Chance of Getting a B, K, or C if I Shop in Several Different Hermès Stores?



Dear Pursebop, I was wondering if the US and EU system show a client’s entire purchase history?  Would that mean you’ll have “history” at all Hermes stores? Is there a way to have a better chance of getting offered a B, K or C by shopping in different stores? Or do you still have to have established relationships with a specific SA at a specific store? Like if I live in Boston, but happened to be shopping in Chicago, LA, FL, etc. I might be offered a B or K or C if I shop at a Hermès store outside of my hometown? Thanks!

Dear Confused about Purchase History:

Let’s break down your multi-tiered question. 

First, if you shop in different cities within the US, each location can see your entire purchase history within the US only. But that is not necessarily a good thing. They see what you bought and where you bought it. However, the amount of money you spent in Hermès Location A does not benefit you at Hermès Location B with respect to being offered a quota bag. It will only deplete your budget for luxury spending with your SA. Nor will shopping in other states within the US help your chances of getting offered a quota bag from your home store.

The philosophy behind working with one SA in one Hermès boutique is the SA earns a commission on each purchase you make. The more you shop the more the SA earns. In exchange for your loyalty and purchase history, your SA works hard to get you the item you desire that is not readily available. That may be a quota bag or non-quota bag. You submit a wishlist to your SA listing the items you are hoping to purchase and they try to get that bag for you. 

In general, the best way to build your spend profile in the hopes of getting offered a quota bag is to shop with ONLY ONE SA in one store. The purchases you make in other Hermès locations do not count toward your spend profile in your home store. The more you spend with your SA, the better your chances are they will offer you a quota bag on your wishlist. 

As of July, 2022 Hermès in Paris became linked to the United States. This means that Paris is able to see how many quota bags a US client has purchased in the current calendar year. If you have already purchased two quota bags from your home store, none of the Paris Hermès boutiques will offer you a quota bag. Whether Hermès boutiques in other European cities and countries can see if you received any quota bags from your home store has not yet been confirmed to us. 

Bottom line is there is no easy way to get a quota bag. Follow the formula. Shop with one SA only, show loyalty and passion to the brand, explore products throughout the boutique, buy what you love and intend to use, have fun shopping, do not compare your journey to anyone else, and most of all have patience. Good things come to those that wait.


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