Do We Need to Build Another 1:1 Spend Ratio Before Being Offered a Second Quota Bag from Hermès?



Do we need to build another 1:1 spend for the second bag too? Or you can ask for it while you are building up the spend again.

Dear Spend Ratio for Second Quota Bag:

Once you have received your first quota bag from Hermès, it is best to discuss with your SA the appropriate time to submit a new wishlist. Although it is recommended to continue building your personal spending profile by buying what you love and will use, there is no set amount that we are aware of required to spend before being offered your second quota bag.

However, due to low inventory and increased demand, Hermès has been instituting many changes. Each boutique is able to follow its own rules, which may be more or less restrictive than those established by the corporate office.

For example, historically, the rule was that you could only receive one quota bag each “semester”. This meant that from January to June you could receive one quota bag and then you could not receive another quota bag until the period July to December. This rule was relaxed in 2019, although the individual boutiques were able to decide if they were going to follow this new rule or stick with the semesters. 

Then the Pandemic hit and everything changed. Now we have heard about a 90 day rule, meaning you cannot receive a second  bag in less than 90 days. And we have heard that some boutiques, including Paris, have instituted a 6 month rule. Also, with the quota bag systems linked between Paris and the U.S. (and possibly other locations), it is no longer possible to obtain a quota bag in Paris then return to your home store in the U.S. and receive two more quota bags. Some boutiques are only offering one quota bag per year instead of two. 

For all of these reasons, it is best to speak with your SA about the rules in your boutique. Most likely, you will be able to submit a new wishlist to your SA while continuing your journey. It is likely that as long as you maintain a good relationship with your SA, visit regularly and make purchases of any amount, when a bag arrives that is on your wishlist, your SA will work hard to get that bag for you.

Good luck and happy shopping.


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