Does Hermès Ever Abandon Special Orders and Do You Have To Spend While Waiting for Your SO to Arrive?


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Dear PurseBop:

I’m eagerly waiting for my Hermès special order bag and was wondering if they ever abandon special orders or don’t fulfill some? This would be devastating but I’m not sure why some people get theirs faster than others. Do you still have to spend at the store while waiting for your special order?

Thank you!

Dear Waiting for Special Order:

First, congratulations on creating a Hermès Special Order. It is a very rare and unique opportunity to create a one-of-a-kind bag that you will treasure for a lifetime. You have asked 3 very important questions and I will address each one separately below.

It is rare that Hermes would completely abandon a special order placed by one of their boutiques. We have heard that certain Special Order bags, particularly exotics such as Ostrich, Crocodile and Alligator can take approximately 2-3 years to arrive. We have also heard of other leathers taking an exceptionally long time to arrive. 

Usually if Hermes rejects a Special Order request it is due to the lack of the leather availability in the color requested, or some other specific reason such as the recent Bleu Brume recall due to the yellowing of the thread. (Read: Dear PurseBop: What Happens When Your Bag Gets Recalled)

If Hermès rejects a bag order, the boutique should be notified and the client might be invited to place a new order making different choices.

So it usually depends on the leather choice and whether the bag is a Retourne or Sellier style. The Sellier style takes longer to make and requires more hours to produce so will possibly take longer than the Retourne. In addition, Special Orders placed at one of the Paris Hermes boutiques often arrive quicker than a similar bag shipped to the U.S. This may have to do with shipping and customs issues.

Special Orders generally take between 6 months to 1.5 years to be completed depending on the type of leather and type of bag created.

The Special Order you created is dedicated to you and whether or not you spend at your boutique during the waiting period should not affect receiving your bag. On the day you receive your bag you may want to purchase accessories for your new bag or browse the ready to wear, shoes, jewelry or homeware.  

Good luck receiving your special order.

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