Does Hermès Track Bags That Have Been Resold?



Does Hermès track bags that have been resold? What happens if they figure out you have resold a bag you purchased with them?

Dear Curious:

We have no direct knowledge whether Hermès tracks bags that were purchased in their boutiques and have been re-homed or resold on social media or to popular reseller sites.

However, we have been told that Hermès is trying to prevent resellers from purchasing their products in their boutiques. And we have seen social media posts that Hermès is sending Cease and Desist letters to individuals they find who are reselling Hermès products on social media. They refer to the language on the Hermès receipt that states:

“The customer represents and warrants that they are purchasing Hermès products in our boutiques for their personal use. Therefore, you agree you will not, directly or indirectly, resell Hermès products purchased in our boutiques for commercial purposes.”

To be safe, it is best to buy what you love and intend to use or give as a gift. If you sell any items on social media be aware that Hermès is looking on social media for resellers and will act accordingly. 


Hermès Buyer Beware: Read Your Receipts

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