Does Placing Non Quota Bags On Your Wishlist Slow Your Chance of Being Offered a Birkin or Kelly?


Dear PurseBop:

Hi! This must have been asked before but I just want to clarify it. Does putting non quota bags on your wishlist slow your chance of getting or being offered a Birkin? So far I only have the Picotin. I am still waiting for an Evelyne and I finally got the strength to put the Birkin on my wishlist last month – 17 months after my first buy and meeting my very nice SA. So far, I have purchased perfumes, make up, oran sandals , necklace, twillies and a scarf. Should I not wait for the Evelyne and spend the money on other Hermes products and just wait for the Birkin? I was hoping the Evelyne could add up to my expenses. Thank you.

Dear Evelyne Bag Hopeful:

Everything has changed at Hermès in the past few years. Since inventory is historically low and demand for bags has exceeded the supply so drastically, getting a non-quota bag is almost as hard as getting a quota bag. 

The reality is that a non-quota bag purchase may likely delay your offer for a quota bag. The reason is twofold. First, the amount spent on non-quota leather bags is generally not greatly considered when the manager views your profile history. Secondly, the fact that you received a leather bag may place you behind a person who has not received any bags at all.

Since it is all very boutique specific, and there are no written rules, it is difficult to predict exactly what will happen. It also depends on the location of your home store, the amount of competition from other clients and among the SA’s, and the popularity and availability of the quota bag you have placed on your wishlist. So many variables affect the timing of when you will be offered a quota bag. 

The important expenditures for purposes of being offered a quota bag are usually ready to wear, jewelry, home goods, silks, shoes, etc. A profile heavy on purchases of leather bags will not have the same weight as a profile that has purchases throughout the boutique in different metiers or departments. 

Sometimes receiving a non-quota bag may delay the offer of a quota bag if there are other clients in the boutique who have a larger profile, have not received any bag at all, and whose choice of bag is available. There are many factors that are considered before offering a client a quota or non-quota bag and it is best to ask your SA how it operates in your location. 

Good luck and happy shopping.

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