Does Your Hermès Pre-Spend Reset After You Receive a Quota Bag?


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Does Your Hermes pre-spend reset after you receive a quota bag?

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A profile history at Hermès is not always “black and white.” Your spending profile at Hermes is a running total of all purchases you have made at your home store and at any other stores within your country including online purchases. However, your pre-spend for purposes of being offered a quota bag is generally calculated from quota bag to quota bag. The belief that a client must spend the equivalent of 1:1, 2:1, or 3:1 to be offered a quota bag has never been confirmed by a SA at Hermès. There are many factors that are considered when being offered a quota bag.

When your SA has a quota bag that meets one of the items on your wish list, they must first get manager approval, and sometimes 2 manager approvals. It is our understanding that the managers review a client’s total spend within the company, the date of the last quota bag offered, the amount spent since the last quota bag offer, what departments the client shopped during the pre-spend period, and other factors.

At Hermès it is never verbally expressed or confirmed that there is a pre-spend amount in order to be offered a quota bag. It is unlikely your SA will advise you how much you need to spend to be offered a quota bag. More likely they will assist you with your shopping and purchases and tell you as soon as a bag that meets your desire arrives from Paris, they will do their best to secure it for you.

The widely held belief is that you should maintain a good relationship with 1 SA in your home boutique, make purchases throughout the store of things you love and will use or give as gifts, regularly visit your store to shop with your SA only, and keep your wishlist updated. In addition, it is a good idea to maintain good communication with your SA and ask them questions about the products, your wishlist items, and anything else you are curious about.

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