In Paris Hermès, Does the Person Who Has the Leather Appointment Have to Pay With A Credit Card In Their Name?



For the appointment in Paris do you have to pay for the items or can the person who goes with you pay with their credit card? Also can you pay with cash?

Dear Payment Inquirer:

It seems that the rule has changed at Hermès in Paris. The rule previously was that the person whose name the appointment was in must use a credit card and passport in that name to pay for the leather bag purchased.

However, when I was in Paris this summer (July, 2022) I was told that I did not have to pay with a credit card and passport in the name of my daughter even though the appointment was in her name. I did not make any purchases in cash but I assume you may use cash. I do not know if there is a limit on how much cash you may use or whether you may use U.S. dollars or you must use euros.

Good luck shopping in Paris!

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