What is the Value of a Birkin 25 vs. a Birkin 30 in the future?



Good day, I am asking if a Birkin bag size 25 will get more value in the future than a Birkin 30? Thanks.

Both Birkins in size 25 and 30 are extremely popular. It is difficult to predict which one will have the greater value in the future. There are many factors that go into valuing a preloved Birkin. The condition, age, color, size, and popularity of the Birkin is very important. Also, the combination of the color, the type of leather, the size of the bag, and the hardware all play a part in determining the value of the bag.
Our best advice is to buy the size Birkin you love and enjoy using the bag.  Do not be concerned with its value in the future. It is impossible to predict. Smaller bags remain popular at the present time, but that could change at any time. Check out our articles linked below for you.
Good luck.
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