How Do I Apply for a Hermès Online Appointment in Paris Before I Leave My Home?


Hi Pursebop,

I am planning a trip to Paris this April and am hoping to score an appointment at one of the stores. As a prep, I wanted to check what information is required and tried opening the link but keeps showing that my access is blocked. Any tips/tricks? I tried clearing cache/cookies, different wifis/phone data, etc. Nothing worked. hoping to sort it out so I am ready to request the appointment the day before I travel. Thank you!

Dear Traveler to Paris:

The online appointment system for Paris has recently changed blocking access from the U.S. You must be in France and connected to a local wifi for the online system to work. Whether you may apply for an appointment from other European countries or the U.K. is possible. We have received reports that our community members have been able to access the online system outside of France but within Europe or the U.K.

Once you have access, the form is self explanatory and asks for your name, preference of store, passport number, phone number, and email address. Once you submit the required information, if it goes through, you are prompted to check your email to click on the link. This is an important step that should not be skipped. After clicking on the link you will be advised that your appointment request has been registered. If you receive an appointment for the next day, you will receive an email that evening advising you of your appointment time. If you receive no email you did not get an appointment.

If you keep getting blocked by the system despite being connected to a local wifi in Paris, our suggestion is to go to one of the three Paris Hermès locations and connect to their wifi. Apply for an appointment for the next day while in the local boutique. If you are blocked speak with one of the SA’s who may assist you.

Here are the three pages you will receive if your appointment is registered:



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