How Do I Become a VIP at Louis Vuitton and other Luxury Houses?



Hello! We’ve been buying Louis Vuitton bags for 10 years now, and it is not an exorbitant amount. Like maybe 1-3 bags and SLGs per year. My husband recently asked me if I am a VIP already. I said I am not sure. Do I have to ask my SA to become one or do I need to buy a variety of products to be considered a VIP? Thank you!

Dear Am I A VIP:

Becoming a VIP at any luxury house is a term that is not usually clearly defined at any retail boutique because it varies from company to company.

It is generally reserved for clientele who are frequent shoppers, who have a healthy and regular spending profile, have an excellent relationship with their Sales Associate and/or store manager, and are loyal to that brand.

However, often it has less to do with how much you spend and more to do with your relationship with your SA, the manager or director of the store, and your loyalty to the brand.

Feel free to ask your Sales Associate what criteria is considered when deciding if a client is a VIP. Many times it is an unspoken term that is reflected in how you are treated. Are you invited to their special events, seasonal debuts of their new products and ready to wear, their opening of new stores or departments in your city or nearby, or other special celebrations? If not, let your SA know you would love to attend events at your store and be advised of new products released each season.

Our suggestion is to engage in the entire experience of shopping at your luxury boutique of choice. Attend their openings and special events, visit on a regular basis just to say hello and check in, and be friendly with everyone you come in contact with at the store. You never know who the manager or director of the store may be without a formal introduction.

Make them want you and your bubbly personality present at their events. Because shopping is all about having a good time. Happy people exude happy experiences.


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