How Do I Get My First Birkin?



I am trying to get my first Birkin! I don’t really want to spend on any other Hermès bags. I’ve had my name put on the wish list twice but to no avail. Should I just keep carry on doing that until finally I get my Birkin call or do I need to make other purchases first before they offer me a Birkin?? Any help will be much appreciated xx

Dear Trying to Get My First Birkin:

Welcome to the often confusing, mysterious, exciting, and unknown world of shopping at Hermès. It is unclear from your question if you have an established relationship with one SA. Assuming you do, have you been shopping with that SA and making purchases within your budget. Assuming you have, it is a good idea to have a conversation with your SA to find out if it is possible that you would be offered your first Birkin in the near future. Ask about the process at your home boutique and what is likely to happen. Your SA can give you a lot of valuable information to ease your concerns and help you understand what, if anything, is expected. 

Each boutique may be operated slightly differently depending on the size of the city it is located, the number of SA’s employed, the demand for Hermès products, the supply of available products and quota bags, how popular the bag on your wishlist, and other factors. 

We suggest contacting your SA and asking if they know when an offer may be forthcoming. Your SA is your best source of direct information about your home boutique. Do not give up. But do exercise patience. It will pay off. 

Good luck and happy shopping.


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