How Do I Get Offered A Hermès Non-Quota Bag If I Do Not Have a SA?


Dear PurseBop:

How do I get offered a non-quota bag from Hermès if I do not have a SA in one boutique? I understand it is recommended to have a relationship with one SA. What bags are not included in the “purchase history” rule? Do I have the chance of walking into a boutique and being offered a non-quota bag? If I do that am I at the will of the color they have available? I would love a Berline or Jypsiere in Noir. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Dear Non-Quota Bag Hopeful:

Different countries throughout the world operate differently with respect to offering non-quota bags. If you do not have a SA and hope to be offered a non-quota bag you have several options depending where you live and where your travels may take you.

In the U.S. it is generally the accepted practice that a client connect with one SA and build a relationship with that SA and show loyalty to the brand by shopping in different areas of the store. Although it is possible to be offered a non-quota bag on the first meeting, the likelihood of getting the exact bag in the color you desire is usually 50-50. It is worth a try to ask and see where it takes you.

In Paris there are 3 separate boutiques that you can try to get an online lottery appointment to shop for leather bags, both quota and non-quota bags. Although it is very hard to get an appointment it does happen. Alternatively, you could try for a walk in appointment at each boutique and request the non-quota bag you desire. Once they know you are not seeking a quota bag it sometimes becomes easier to get the walk in appointment. Again, it is subject to what bags they have available in their inventory at the time of your visit.

In London, there are 4 separate Hermès boutiques. Although they operate on a Wish List system usually reserved for local clients, they do offer non-quota bags to walk in clients on a first come first serve basis.

Alternatively, in many countries Hermè lists numerous non-quota bags for sale each day. Although you must be quick and try to get one as soon as they are posted, many of our community members have reported success in obtaining a non-quota bag of their dreams.

Good luck in your journey and Happy Shopping.

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