How Do You Show Your Hermès SA Appreciation?



When my SA got me my Hermes Picotin (my very first), I was so happy that after a couple of weeks I sent a text message asking if I could stop by and give her ‘some goodies’. She never answered. After that, I still see her when I go to the store but we never talked about it. How do you give appreciation to your SA? All I wanted to do was thank her for the Picotin. She has no idea how happy I was to get it. 

Dear Gifting Your Hermès SA:

Giving a gift to your  SA is an extremely nice gesture. However, Hermès has rules about what the SA’s may accept. It is our understanding that you may gift your SA anything that can be consumed (as in food or drink) and shared by the employees at the boutique. This does not necessarily mean you must bring enough for everyone who works at your boutique. Just be aware that your gift will likely be consumed on the premises by many of the SA’s. 

For example, you may bring your SA some nice chocolates, cupcakes, a cheese assortment, a basket of goodies, or a bottle of wine, champagne, or non alcoholic spirits. The gift will likely be shared amongst all employees and will not likely be taken home by the SA. 

Another way to thank your SA is to send a nice text or email. Thank them and express how happy you are with your purchase and appreciate everything they may have done to secure the bag for you. Acknowledge how difficult it has become to get any leather bag and how appreciative you are. 

Then if you wish to go further, or for the holiday season, you can bring something with you the next time you visit the boutique. Personally hand the gift to your SA and let them know how much you appreciate all they have done for you. 


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