How Does the Hermès Pre-Spend Work When Offered Your First Quota Bag and Then For Your Second Quota Bag?


Hi Pursebop,

I have year-end jitters for my first quota bag. My SA said that they’ve applied for a bag for me and I can’t stop thinking about whether I would get the bag before year end because I really want to place a wish for something else next year. If I don’t get an offer this month, should I keep spending to up my chances or should I wait it out? It is hard because I love all things H but I also want to be sensible and apply some pre-spend to my next wish as I hear pre-spend resets after a quota offer. I am looking to get a cashmere coat and/or diamond jewelry next so it will be a big purchase.

Dear Year-end Jitters:

How exciting to know your SA is working on getting your first quota bag. If they told you that you qualify for a bag, then you have likely met their required pre-spend amount. 

Even if you continue to spend at this time before your bag arrives, it is our understanding that your total pre-spend is intact and it will apply to your next quota bag as well. 

The best thing you can do is to visit your local boutique on a regular basis, whether that is once a month or more frequently. Continue to buy items you love and will use or give as gifts. Show your love of the brand and your loyalty. That is what matters most. If you disappear and stop shopping in your local boutique after receiving your first quota bag then it is not likely you will be offered a second quota bag.

Feel free to ask your SA just to be sure because each boutique  operates independently and adjusts the “rules” as they deem appropriate for their location. The SA’s are available to answer questions about the products, pre-spend, availability of bags and products (to the extent they know), how many quota bags per year each customer may purchase, and whether bags other than the traditional Birkin and Kelly are now considered quota bags (such as the Constance, Kelly Pochette, Kelly Cut, Kelly Danse, Kelly to Go, etc.). Some locations have expanded the quota bag list of bags. Which bags are considered a quota bag is determined by the individual boutique not the country or state where it is located. So be sure to ask your SA.

However, in general, all your spending, whether it is before you obtain a quota bag or after, will apply to your total purchase history which is generally what is viewed when offered a quota bag. 

Good luck and happy shopping.


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