How to Start A Wishlist With My Hermès Sales Associate?



How do I hint at starting a wishlist for my HGB (holy grail bag) to my SA, and when should I start dropping hints?

Dear Wishlist:

There is no need to hint at starting a wishlist with your Hermès SA. Anytime is a good time to start a wishlist. Whether it is on your first visit to Hermès or a subsequent visit. There is no time like the present. SA’s are fully aware that most of their clients are hoping for a quota bag offer.

If you are loyal to your boutique, and you intend to shop regularly with your SA and remain committed to them, feel free to ask if you can submit a wishlist. Most likely they will ask you what you are hoping to be offered and request that you email or text it to them so they can remember.

It is also a good idea to ask your SA how often they like you to contact them. Some SA’s have great memories and do not need reminders. Others are so busy it is hard to keep track of what each client desires. Some SA’s like to receive a lot of texts and respond promptly, others prefer other methods and do not respond as quickly to texts or emails.

Knowing how your SA operates and what their preferences are will alleviate a lot of stress and wonder on your part. No need to drop hints. Just ask if you may submit a wishlist! Happy shopping and good luck.


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