What is the London Hermes Wishlist Procedure for obtaining an Hermès Quota Bag?



In London/UK, what is the procedure to request a quota bag at Hermes?

Dear London Shopper:

In the UK, as well as in some Asian countries, a new central procedure has been instituted for customers to request a quota bag from Hermès.

It is our understanding that a customer with an established relationship with one SA may submit a wishlist to their SA. The wishlist may contain up to 6 quota bags, specifying the type, size, color, leather, hardware, etc. The list is valid for 6-12 months, then it expires and a new wishlist needs to be submitted.

There is a central team that offers quota bags to clients based on their wishlists. The SA does not seem to have influence on who is offered a quota bag. When a quota bag arrives that meets the specifications on a client’s wishlist, a notification is sent to the client that a bag from their wishlist has arrived and it will be available to them for a limited time.

This system has been used in London for the past 2 years. There are many moving parts at Hermès that must likely occur before a quota bag is offered. Your SA will be able to explain the system in more detail.

Happy Shopping and good luck.

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