Please Help Me Decide What Size, Leather, and Color Hermès Special Order to Create!


Dear PurseBop:

My SA recently mentioned I may be offered a special order in 2024. This is overwhelmingly exciting. I have no idea where to start in terms of size, leather or color. I definitely want it to stand out as a SO, and I also want it to hold its highest resale value (even though I’ll never sell it), but I want it to be the most beautiful bag I’ve ever looked at also. Help! Where do you start?

Dear Special Order Hopeful:

Congratulations on being offered the opportunity to place a Hermès Special Order (SO) in 2024. It is a very special occasion and you are wise to do your research before the day of your appointment. 

First, be aware that there are a limited number of leather colors available to choose from for your SO. Each year Hermès releases the list of colors available for Special Orders. We have not yet seen the array of colors and leather choices available for 2024, but expect to see it within the next month. Try to obtain a copy of these colors so you avoid choosing a color that may not be available for a SO.

There are many places to view different handbag colors and prior special order bags that were created in the past to get ideas. Obviously, searching the internet is the best place to start. You will likely get directed to numerous resellers who generally have bi-color and verso Special Order bags for sale. This can give you some ideas. If you see one you absolutely love, that is always helpful. 

Second, there are several different choices of hardware for your SO bag. There is the traditional gold and palladium hardware. There is also the ability to choose brushed gold, brushed palladium or permabrass. These three hardware choices are generally only available on SO bags. This may be an option to really make your SO extra special. 

Third, choosing what size and style bag can be an overwhelming decision. Your SA will be able to help you decide or at least narrow it down to choices you will be able to make. They know your style and preferences so their suggestions could be very helpful. They may have sample bags in stock that are used for size purposes. If not, visiting a reseller who has a brick and mortar store is a good place to try on different size bags. This may assist you in making your decision.

Finally, a SO bag can take between 6 months to 18 months generally to arrive from Paris (exotics take longer). You will pay for the bag when it is completed and you accept it. The price will be the retail price at the time of pick up. This means if there have been price increases between the time you placed your SO and the time you picked it up, you will pay the increased price. 

For those community members who would like to place a SO but are not sure how to approach their SA on the subject, here are some suggestions.

-Submit a new updated wishlist to your SA via text or email (in the U.S.) and add a Special Order as one of your choices. 

-Discuss the possibility of being chosen to create a SO with your SA and let them know you would love the opportunity.

-Ask your SA outright if you could create a SO in the next year.

Good luck creating the most beautiful Special Order bag.


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