What Effect Does Accepting a Non-Quota Bag Have On the Timing of Receiving a Quota Bag Offer?


Dear PurseBop:

I’ve been a Hermès customer for about 3 years now but shopping seriously with one SA for a year. I live in Europe where we have the wish list system, so I gave my SA my wish list of Birkin 30 Etoupe in November 2022. Since then I have spent about 15k on items I love. I was offered and bought a Garden Party and an Evelyne which I purchased last month. However, something my SA said when I purchased the Evelyne struck me. She said ” I’m glad you decided to buy that Evelyne, it gives me more room to maneuver with the quota bag situation” Does that indicate that buying non quota bags de-prioritizes your place on the quota bag queue. Or, does it suggest that buying non quota bags may assist a buyer in being offered quota bags?

Dear Curious About Effect of Buying Non-Quota Bags,

The dynamics of obtaining quota bags from luxury brands like Hermès can sometimes be complex and might vary between boutiques and regions. While it is difficult to know exactly what your SA meant, or your boutique-specific policies, here are some general insights based on common practices in Hermes.

Buying Non-Quota Bags and Quota Bags:

  • In some cases, boutiques might prioritize customers who consistently engage with the brand and make purchases, whether they are quota or non-quota items.
  • Building a strong relationship with your Sales Associate (SA) is often key. SAs might consider a variety of factors when allocating quota bags, including loyalty, spending history, and overall engagement.
  • By purchasing non-quota bags, you’re demonstrating your ongoing interest in the brand and your willingness to explore different products. This engagement might reflect positively on your customer profile.

The comment your SA made about the Evelyne purchase can be interpreted in a couple of ways:

  • It could indicate that your purchase of the Evelyne has positively influenced your customer profile, making it easier for your SA to advocate on your behalf for quota bags.
  • By continuing to make purchases, you might be demonstrating your strong commitment to the brand, which could be beneficial when it comes to obtaining quota bags.
  • It might also suggest that your Evelyne purchase is not part of the quota allocation system, allowing your SA to focus your quota bag allocation on a different bag model. In this case, buying non-quota bags might not necessarily de-prioritize your quota bag request.

Ultimately, it’s a combination of factors that impact your position in the quota bag queue, including spending history, engagement with the brand, boutique policies, and your relationship with your SA. While non-quota bag purchases might not directly affect your priority for quota bags, they can contribute to your overall engagement and relationship with the boutique.

As boutique practices can vary, I recommend maintaining open communication with your SA to better understand the allocation process and how different types of purchases might influence your chances of obtaining the specific bag you desire.

Good luck and keep us posted on your journey.

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